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Lenovo 'Extra Time'

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Lenovo, one of the world's largest laptop brands, has developed a series of online viral videos for their latest flagship product - the ThinkPad T420s. It comes with a powerhouse of proven features such as faster graphics performance, faster boot up, faster wireless connections, faster data transfer, etc. To further enhance its credentials, these features are inherited from its forefather - the T410s model, ranked the '2010 Fastest Notebook of the Year' by Laptop Magazine.

This is a good attempt for Lenovo's emerging marketing team to utilizes viral marketing on their high-end product range, with aims to gradually shift consumer perception from an older image to one that is younger, more vibrant and unorthodox.

In these videos, the office executives are seen enjoying the benefits of their superbly fast laptops.

These virals are specifically developed for use in the emerging markets such as India, Russia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Turkey, South Africa, South East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Vimeo 'Copier Room'

Vimeo 'Parking Lot'

Vimeo 'Washroom'