Online Film

DaBao UV Protect 'Sunshine'

Film Direction

Summer can be quite brutal in China with scorching sun and temperature hitting the high 40ºC. For this season, Beijing Dabao Cosmetics Co. Ltd. needed an online video to make aware the DaBao UV Protect product. With DaBao UV Protect, one can embrace the sunshine and enjoy the summer without all the heavy clothing.

Using a combination of time lapse, stop motion, and anamorphic perspective illusions, this melodious video shows the metamorphosis of a woman as she embraces the sunshine.

This video also doubled up as an interactive piece, whereby visitors to the DaBao micro site can upload (or snapshot using their webcam) a still photograph to be inserted into the video and the site generates a personalized video to be share among the friends; thus helping to disseminate the idea further.

Behind The Scene